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Protea is excited to host a variety of special events such as weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, graduation parties, retirement parties, charity events and fundraisers, bridal showers, corporate events, reunion parties, lunches and brunches, holiday parties, anniversary celebrations, award presentations, wine tastings, and more...



Why Should You Consider an Event Planner?

There are MANY reasons you should hire an event planner for your event. The reality is that most of them have to do with saving you time, stress or money. You can probably figure out how to cut corners on your event to save money. the trick is doing it without sacrificing the WOW-factor you’re hoping to achieve.

Here are top 5 ways that hiring Protea as your event planner can save you valuable time and unnecessary stress for corporate events, social gatherings and wedding days alike.

Save Money.

As Event Planners we have contacts and can negotiate to help you save on a variety of services. We don't just suggest services, we can often negotiate on your behalf. We have local connections to get lower prices on your big-ticket expenses. Especially when it comes to suppliers, vendors and caterers. We also aren't afraid to put a little pressure on the vendor to ensure your event is everything you imagined.

Stay on budget.

You might be surprised to find that an experienced event planner can actually SAVE you money! That's because sticking to a budget is what we do best. We have done this MANY times and know what costs to expect, where corners can be cut, and which decisions will make the biggest impact on your event. You get less waste, lower costs, and an event where all of the factors flow together seamlessly.

Details are covered.

If you are the person who gets home from the supermarket and immediately remembers what you forgot to get - you really could benefit from an event planner. Pulling off a successful event that is every attendees favorite takes a whole lot of skill, planning and practice. Having a skilled and experienced event planner can really make sure those important details are not overlooked and can remove a lot of stress from the day.

Eliminate the stress.

In today's world we are all busy with a variety of responsibilities. When you pile on planning a big event, it is easy to become overwhelmed. One of the BEST parts of hiring an event planner is knowing that we have great organizational skills. From day-of-event timelines to coordination of vendors, having a planner is priceless. You can still be involved in planning how you want that day to go down, we just make sure it well thought out and coordinated in advance so you don't have to.

Enjoy the day.

Without an event planner, whose job will it be to discuss last minute details with the caterer, get the band started, deal with the bartender, and settle up with the vendors at the end of the evening? That's right - you! Wouldn't you rather just relax and enjoy your big day? That's where Protea Event Planning comes in. Let us deal with the details necessary to pull off a memorable event - and you focus on creating memories.

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